Sickness, RKC, and Beast Tamer Challenge

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Sickness claims the many,  including myself, and may have told me to settle down even more than I was doing. Since I’ve had some downtime, which was quite depressing; it has lead me to come to interesting theories that I plan to test out. I will continue on with the Beast Challenge – starting slowly and using the Biofeedback approach populated by Frankie Faires again to reinvigorate my athletic/strength training.

“There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear.”

David Mahoney

Executive and Philanthropist

Press, Pistol, Pullup, Planche, Front Lever are my main exercises.

Main Variations for Presses w/ Kettlebell

1-Arm/2-Arm ; 1-Leg/2-Leg.

Full or Partial Versions

Standing, Seated, Back to Wall, Opposite Arm Pulling on Band or Holding Wall.

Pizza Box, Palm Press, Bottoms Up Press, RKC Groove, Arnold Press Groove, Narrow Groove.

Main Variations w/ Pistols

Bodyweight/Weighted Pistols

Full or Partial

Everted/Inverted Foot, Externally/Internally Rotated Knee

Off a chair, Dead Stop Pistols, Bands/Wall Counterbalance

Main Variations for Pullups


Full or Partial ROM

Supinated/Pronated/Neutral Hand Position

Knee in, Knees out, 1 Knee Forward/1 Knee Back, Straddled

Main Variations for Planche

Paralletes/On Floor

Fingers Forward, Sideways, Backwards

Tuck Planche, Adv. Tuck Planche, One Legged Tuck Planche

Main Variations for Front Lever

Rings/Pullup Bar/Finger Grips

Fingers Forward, Sideways, Backwards

Tuck Lever, Adv. Tuck Lever, Straddle Lever/One-Legged Tuck Lever

I end with knowing that the journey is often shorter than one expects…and before I do it and do it right, I must think it, and think it well!

“Beware of the thoughts you keep, because everything in reality manifests from the mind.”

Justin Palmer

Second Year College Student


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