What is Biofeedback Training

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What is it?

Biofeedback Training is a way for you to determine YOURSELF what is the best programming for you. Basically, it’s not about following a routine, it’s not about following prescribed sets and reps. It’s about what your body wants, and how to improve it.

Everything works…just depends if its good or bad to your BRAIN

You can use a number of different tools to test yourself and see what works for you: Standing Feet Together Toe Touch Range of Motion, Shoulder Range of Motion, Heart Rate, Blink Rate, are the easiest and cheapest way of doing so – they’re FREE.

Example: If you want to see if a regular pushup is good to do for the day. You’d do a standing feet together toe touch before you do the pushups to have a baseline. From there, you’d do 1-3 reps of the regular pushups, and then check your standing feet together toe touch again. If it’s better, you know you should do pushups for the day, if it’s worse, than you shouldn’t do pushups that day. Easy enough?

I thought planning was better?

Planning a training program can be compared to trying to predict the weather. Yes, you may be on the mark and actually predict what your body may want. But, like most weather reports, you’ll probably be wrong half the time and that is why Biofeedback Training is important. You need to know and know now what your body actually wants. Even though on a sheet of paper it may be deadlift day, you may actually need to do squats instead, or a different variation of deadlifts all together. Your body is what determines what you do, not the plan!

Andy Potts: The Biofeedback King

Andy Potts: The Biofeedback King

More on Biofeedback Training by Mike T. Nelson (articles + videos)

Again, it literally boils down to who you are internally. You don’t know what you really want, only your body knows. Biofeedback is simply a way for your body to tell you, “Hey egghead, I don’t want squats today, I don’t feel like it, give me deadlifts or lunges instead…Thanks.” You can think of your body like a spoiled kid. It DEMANDS that it gets what it wants, or you slow down your progress. It’s like a kid screaming and yelling, until either you give the kid what it wants or it makes your life hell. That’s why yeah you might not be getting weaker, but are you now having random pain problems? It’s the little kid giving you hell. :-)

Get to it. Don’t think – Act,

Darryl Lardizabal


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Thanks for the shout out man! Biofeedback is the way to go!

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