Training Log: 4.5.2010

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Ecc. Tuck to Straddle @ 159lbs <PR!>  – 12:38am – 12:43am (4:20.3)

1 (37.6), 1 (35.7), 1 (31.2), 1 (31.2), 1 (23.7), 1 (30.3), 1 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 1113lbs, Density = 258.837

Narrow Tuck Planche Pushups @ 159lbs – 12:50am – 12:52 am (2:30.4)

1 (39.8), 1 (33.1), 1 (35.1), 1 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 636lbs, Density = 254.4 <PR! 3.26.2010>

44kg 2-Handed KB Swings w/ Right Rotation <PR!> – 1:01 am – 1:03am (2:49.5)

9 (59.6), 9 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 792kg, Density (/2.875) = 275.478

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Training Log: 3.26.2010

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Training Log

Tuck Planche Pushup on Paralletes Everted B-Stance Half Fist Away @ 158lbs – 8:20pm – 8:25pm (5:09.0)

1 (53s rest), 1 (47s rest), 1 (49s rest), 1 (50s rest), 1 (51s rest) <PR! Compare to 3.22.10>

Volume/Cluster = 790bs <PR! Compare to 3.22.10>, Density = approx: 158lbs <PR! Compare to 3.22.10>

Left-Arm KB Press B-Stance Everted (One Big Toe Length Distance, Slightly Shoulder Width Apart) – 8:32pm – 8:46pm (12:43.2)

4 (1:14.7), 4 (1:19.3) <Noticed extra effort on 4th rep>, 3 (1:11.4), 3 (1:14.3), 3 (1:13.9), 3 (1:14.0), 3 (1:16.9), 3 (1:15.1)

Volume/Cluster = 624kg <PR! Compare to 3.21.10>, Density = 48.94kg (divided by 12.75mins)

Jumping Left-Arm 1 Arm (Neutral) Pull to Chin-Up – Eccentric Focus @ 158lbs – 8:50pm – 8:58pm

2 (1:23.0), 2 (1:25.5), 2 (1:17.0), 2 (1:16.1), 2 (1:18.7) <Last rep on last set not as good – Jump Less, much better eccentric control. Used one leg to jump 3rd set and beyond>

Volume/Set = 316lbs <PR! Compare to 3.19.2010>, Volume/Cluster = 1580lbs, Density = 197.5

16kg KB Halos CW Only – 9:02pm – 9:05pm <2:50.1>

9 (1:35.7), 8 (N/A) <Movement Quality thing, not poundage>

Right Leg Pistols holding onto Bed Post @ 158lbs – 9:11pm – 9:17pm

10 (1:30), 10 (1:33), 10 (n/a)

Volume/Set = 1580lbs <PR!>, Volume/Cluster = 4740lbs <PR!>, Density =790lbs <PR!>

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Actual Training Day: Training Log 3-2-2010

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Goal: Determine Starting Values for “Good” Exercises with a focus on quality movement.

– Controlled Breathing during Isometric Exercises

– Lowered Isometric time by 1-2s because trying to improve quality of movement

– Lowered Swing Rep Volume by 5 reps. Again trying to improve feel of movement.

Isometric Hold Anteriomedial Hand, 3/4 Left Leg, Single Leg,  Front Lever (improved rapidly from yesterday to today – feeling, amount of tension, ease of movement): baseline time (5s); 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

– Elbows are slightly unbent. Must re-establish straight arm. Focus as much as possible.

– Noticing left/shoulder neck pain after front lever 5th and 6th set – Opposite side bent hip circles helped.

Isometric Hold Anteriolateral Hand Tuck to Adv. Tuck Planche Transition (again balance improved rapidly from yesterday to today – better lean [created more core activation]): baseline time (5s); 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4

– 3rd set noticing increased tension, 4th and onward okay. Even helped relieve some pain from Front Levers.

[Superset between Lever and Planche; almost no rest, except to walk down hallway, write in log, and in between mobility]

-Continued with Planches, but stopped front levers after 6th set. 7th set of planches, felt pain return. Stopped “Superset.”

32kg Everted B-Stance Right-Handed Swings: baseline reps (8); 5, 5

24kg Everted B-Stance Left-Handed Swings: baseline reps (11); 9, 9

– Finished light today. Back is experiencing lactic acid buildup, so keeping session light.

– Getting back to everything. So far – improvements, but not necessarily because of overall change yet. We’ll see as the training continues.

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Sickness, RKC, and Beast Tamer Challenge

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Sickness claims the many,  including myself, and may have told me to settle down even more than I was doing. Since I’ve had some downtime, which was quite depressing; it has lead me to come to interesting theories that I plan to test out. I will continue on with the Beast Challenge – starting slowly and using the Biofeedback approach populated by Frankie Faires again to reinvigorate my athletic/strength training.

“There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear.”

David Mahoney

Executive and Philanthropist

Press, Pistol, Pullup, Planche, Front Lever are my main exercises.

Main Variations for Presses w/ Kettlebell

1-Arm/2-Arm ; 1-Leg/2-Leg.

Full or Partial Versions

Standing, Seated, Back to Wall, Opposite Arm Pulling on Band or Holding Wall.

Pizza Box, Palm Press, Bottoms Up Press, RKC Groove, Arnold Press Groove, Narrow Groove.

Main Variations w/ Pistols

Bodyweight/Weighted Pistols

Full or Partial

Everted/Inverted Foot, Externally/Internally Rotated Knee

Off a chair, Dead Stop Pistols, Bands/Wall Counterbalance

Main Variations for Pullups


Full or Partial ROM

Supinated/Pronated/Neutral Hand Position

Knee in, Knees out, 1 Knee Forward/1 Knee Back, Straddled

Main Variations for Planche

Paralletes/On Floor

Fingers Forward, Sideways, Backwards

Tuck Planche, Adv. Tuck Planche, One Legged Tuck Planche

Main Variations for Front Lever

Rings/Pullup Bar/Finger Grips

Fingers Forward, Sideways, Backwards

Tuck Lever, Adv. Tuck Lever, Straddle Lever/One-Legged Tuck Lever

I end with knowing that the journey is often shorter than one expects…and before I do it and do it right, I must think it, and think it well!

“Beware of the thoughts you keep, because everything in reality manifests from the mind.”

Justin Palmer

Second Year College Student

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Beast Tamer Challenge – The Reawakening

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Been awhile since I wrote on the blog about my happenings – only a few days, but thinking this would be a daily thing proved rather frivolous.

I’ve decided to change the format of the training days focusing on the either the Visual or Vestibular systems and of course the Biofeedback training featured on Adam T. Glass’ blog. There’s so much to cover with each system that I would rather spend a day of the week focused on each one during the training to create a much better threat reduction on my body.

The difference in the Biofeedback training that I am doing is simply a matter of constantly pursuing a Planche, Front Lever, Pistols, Presses, and Pullups on any training days, but simply creating a variation out of the many using the Z-Phase I-Phase template approach and R-Phase Threat Reduction through different positions to create something my body is willing to use for the day.

So far it’s proven successful as my body is unlocking untapped strength much faster than normal especially in the Planche and Front Lever.
Presses are easier day after day with different variations I was unfamiliar with until recently.

Pullups have always been easy and not something I’m too worried about, although it’ll still be a challenge pulling up quite a considerable amount of weight, but again is more of my strength rather than a weakness

Pistols have been hit and miss for a number of years in terms of training. My legs have always been my strongest point out of all the different movements – Pushing, Pulling, something for the Legs and isn’t something I “need” to train as much. More training has been done on my left side as I notice some weird funky things my knee does when doing a pistol. Most of that has been fixed, but more changes sure to follow.

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Road to the Beast Challenge Day 4

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Short Day

Goal: Light, Build Perfect Repetitions. Working on “Long Spine” and “Bone Rhythm”

Focus: Squat, Press, Pullup, Planche, Front Lever

Practice, Practice, Practice.

The Training:

50lb Sandbag Jerk

50lb Sandbag Squat

50lb Sandbag Rotational Deadlift

Lock-Offs (Pull-Up Position)

Straddle Planche Assist

Front Lever Assist

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