Bottoms Up Press Grip Tip Part 1

Posted on April 4, 2010. Filed under: Performance | Tags: , |

Look I am by no means a Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press expert, but I have noticed a difference in simply changing how I’m gripping the Kettlebell and how it effected my speed and the ease of the press all together.

I noticed that if I align the Kettlebell handle from where a callus on your pinky side would be down to where you would make an “Okay” sign with your hand, the Bottoms Up Press becomes much easier. Granted I have small hands, but this actually gives me much bigger contact area with my hand than the heel of my hand described in Max Shank’s Bottoms Up Press tutorial.

Another easy way of trying it  is putting the heel of your hand on the Kettlebell and then simply lifting your hand until you notice that it ends up near the base of your fingers more than the heel of your palm. One side of the KB would be more near the base of the pinky and the other more near the webbing of the thumb.

Below are pictures of what I’m referring to. I’ll try to post a video of me explaining this in more detail when I get the chance, but again the main thing is that  I noticed a difference in simply the ease of movement. Let me know what you think…

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