Training Log: 4.5.2010

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Ecc. Tuck to Straddle @ 159lbs <PR!>  – 12:38am – 12:43am (4:20.3)

1 (37.6), 1 (35.7), 1 (31.2), 1 (31.2), 1 (23.7), 1 (30.3), 1 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 1113lbs, Density = 258.837

Narrow Tuck Planche Pushups @ 159lbs – 12:50am – 12:52 am (2:30.4)

1 (39.8), 1 (33.1), 1 (35.1), 1 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 636lbs, Density = 254.4 <PR! 3.26.2010>

44kg 2-Handed KB Swings w/ Right Rotation <PR!> – 1:01 am – 1:03am (2:49.5)

9 (59.6), 9 (n/a)

Volume/Cluster = 792kg, Density (/2.875) = 275.478

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Client Testimonial: Cheryl Thomas, Seeing a Better Future

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March 16, 2010 – Before Starting Biofeedback

Background; where I was before seeing Darryl:

When I met Darryl in Nov. 2009, I was approaching 360 lbs, 49 years old and very unhappy with my lack of ability to move and get around. I have arthritis in both knees, and while they did not cause a lot of pain, they were usually very stiff and uncomfortable; unable to bend very much, making getting around difficult at best. Because of the “odd” walking, I was also having a great deal of low back and hip discomfort, thus seeing the chiropractor roughly once a week, just to maintain. Another issue, causing “limping”, not due to pain, but one leg shorter than the other, was caused by one side of pelvic area being locked up and thus being higher on one side than the other; another reason for my frequent trips to the chiropractor. Going up/down stairs was very difficult. I found myself coming downstairs in the morning, and, if at all possible, not going up again until time to get ready for bed that night, and then using the handrail to pull myself up the steps.

How did I get a hold of Darryl?

Because of all of the above, I knew that I was not able to do standard exercising without injury. I also knew that I needed to move more in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. After seeing a lot of doctors, specialists, and ruling out medical issues, I went to the internet to see what might be available to help me. A couple of years ago, I came across a chiropractor (not the one I see) that did in-home training. I met with him and his wife, but nothing came of that, as the money was an issue at that time. In Nov, I found that he was no longer in the area, and began my search for other similar options. That is when I found Darryl. We exchanged several informational emails before meeting.

Expectations/First Session:

I was a little skeptical, but at the same time hoping for answers. I had worked, many years ago, with physical trainers at gyms, used workout tapes, DVDs, etc. and knew I was unable to do that, and really did not know what to expect in meeting Darryl. He assured me that he felt he could help me. We met for our initial, no obligation session, and I was amazed at what was accomplished. In minutes, he had me walking without the limp, and up/down the stairs. I was hooked. While those changes did not “stick”, it proved to me what my body was capable of, with work, and I was greatly encouraged. We have been working together on a weekly basis since then.

Interesting Part of Journey:

I have always known that the body is connected, but to what extent that is true constantly amazes me. Because of my stamina issues, a lot of the workouts have been with me being seated at least a portion of each session, depending on how I am doing that particular week. But being able to work the upper body to improve the legs, ankles, etc was a concept totally new to me. I still do not fully understand it, but know it works.


I can now walk without the limp most of the time. My movement in general is much more fluid, generally faster. My walking pace has sped up, though not yet where I want it to be. My knees bend. Before working with Darryl, I could not bend my knees enough to put my feet on the foot rest of the hairdressers’ chair, but now I can with ease. I have significantly less stiffness in my knees; my body in general. I have little to no pain. I have more confidence in being able to go places and being ok. Before, I would not go anywhere without my husband or someone with me for fear that even if I got in the store, etc, that I would be too “wiped out” to be able to get back to the car. I have begun to successfully venture out some. I still have a lot of work to due where my stamina is concerned, so I still use the store provided scooters to shop, but look forward to the day when that will no longer be necessary.

What Others Say:

My chiropractor, Bob Walker, Select Chiropractor during the Olympic Trials in Sacramento, is great. He supports my work with Darryl, and though is not familiar with his program specifically, he approves greatly of what has been accomplished. He began mentioning several weeks ago about the increased muscle definition in my legs, back. He has also noticed how improved the movement of my knees has become. Yesterday, he told me that if I wasn’t careful, that I would become a shadow of my former self. THAT IS THE GOAL. What an encouragement.

My husband, Roger Thomas, says I am smaller in various areas. He has noticed the increased speed of my walk. He encourages me often.


I can now see how getting to where I can do everyday life more normally is possible. And not taking forever to get there. Such an improvement.

March 22, 2010 – After starting Biofeedback

“Today, I am feeling pretty good…I could walk without a limp! (YEAH!!) ”

-Cheryl Thomas

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Training Log: 3.19.2010

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I was lazy; basically coming from a food coma, and even had a headache, but I felt the need to train. It’s been about 3 days, so I wanted to check out how I’m doing.


(Left) Asst. (Shoulder) 1-ArmPullups (Neutral) @ 159lbs – 11:29pm – 11:35pm – 30s rest <PR!>


Volume/Set = 159lbs <PR! Compare to 3.14.10>, Volume/Cluster = 1590lbs <PR! Compare to 3.14.10>, Density = 265lbs/min  <PR! Compare to 3.14.10>

(Left) 32kg 1-Arm KB Presses in Everted (Left) B-Stance – 11:39pm – 11:42pm – 1 min rest

3×2 <PR! Compare to 3.15.10>

Volume/Set = 64kg <PR! Compare to 3.14.10>, Volume/Cluster = 192kg, Density = 64 <PR! Compare to 3.14.10>

(Left) 44kg 1-Arm KB Low Swings in Everted (Left) B-Stance – 11:50pm – 11:54pm – 1 min rest


Volume/Set = 264kg, Volume/Cluster = 528kg <PR! Compare to 3.7.2010>, Density = 132kg


Even with all that was going against me I PR’d in Intensity, Volume, and Density all over the board and my headache went away as well and even felt more alive after training. Although my results so far are awesome, I will have to say that I’m more proud of my client who also PR’d today as well!

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Training Log: 3.15.2010

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KB (Left) Pistols Neutral Foot Position w/ Kettlebell in Goblet Squat Rack Position

Testing Sets 11: 53pm – 11:57pm (16kg-20kg-24kg-32kg) x 1

Volume/Cluster = 92kg, Density = 18.4

Working Sets 12:00am – 12:05am – 1minute rest – 32kg 1,1,1 (slightly off), 1, 1, 1

-Feeling lactic acid build-up in glute-ham tie in and cramp feelings during 5th and 6th rest periods. Haven’t felt this in awhile.

Volume/Cluster = 192kg, Density = 38.4

Total Volume = 284kg, Total Density = 28.4

Entire Exercise PR! from Intensity, Volume, Density. Nowhere near 32kg Pistol with left leg until today. Huge discrepancies in strength between left/right halves (don’t know why – “tried” to balance my training out, but guess not).

KB (Left) 1-arm Presses in B-Stance (Everted Feet) –

Testing Sets 11:53pm – 11:57 pm (24kg, 32kg) x 1

Volume/Cluster = 56kg, Density = 11.2

Working Sets  12:12am-12:17am -1 min rest

32kg 1,1,1,1 <much easier than yesterday> PR! <Compared to 3.14.2010>

Volume/Cluster = 128kg, Density = 25.6

Total Volume = 184kg, Total Density = 18.4

(Left Out) One-Legged Tuck Levers (Right Hand Lower using Rings turned slightly outward from palms down grip) @ 157lbs -12:26am – 12: 31am -1 min rest <PR!> <Compared to 3.9.2010>

5 (felt too easy), 5 (felt a bit harder), 5, 5 (noticing body slightly lower – pay attention to body position)

Volume/Set = 785lbs, Volume/Cluster =3140lbs PR!, Density = 628 PR! <Compared to 3.9.2010>

CW Rotations into Arch (using the wall) @ 157lbs: 12:44am-12:48am

5 (feet together), 5 (closer to wall, more emphasis on abdominal release)

Low Bridge Slide @157lbs: 12:49am -12:52am

4, 1 (wrists still not used to the movement)


Any and all bodyweight exercises I need to pay attention to body position and movement quality! The Low Bridge Slide puts my wrist at an unusual extension angle and because of decreased carpet grip makes the movement much harder to perform than normal. There is a difference between the height from 3.10.2010 compared to today (increased), therefore much better performance than last time.

Presses, Pistols, One-Legged Front Lever much improved with superior performance in the pistol (left leg always sucked with balance and strength).

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Training Log: 3.14.2010

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Z-Health SFS (GTG Style): Head/Neck

Standing 3:08pm, Standing 6:44pm, 4 Point Stance 7:51pm

Lateral Jaw Glides (left) w/ Head Rotated to the Right in Neural Stance

1×21, 1×21, 1×13

Cranial Drill – Sphenoidal – to the Jaw Left, Head Right in Neural Stance

1×20, 1×20, 1×14

Head Extension then Rotated to the Right

1×12, 1×12, 1×4


– (Left) 1-Arm Presses in B-Stance (Left Leg) w/ Head and Eyes Tracking Kettlebell – 2:45pm – 3:00pm

16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 32kg x1 <Effort PR!>, 32kg x 1(too much effort)

Volume/Set = 124kg

Working Sets: 24kg (Notice even small discrepancies (effort, speed, etc) in Toe Touch ROM), 2:50 – 3:00pm – 1-min Rest

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Volume/Set = 48kg, Volume/Cluster = 432kg, Density/Cluster = 43.2kg

Total Volume = 556kg

– (Left) 1-Arm Assisted (Anterior Deltoid/Shoulder) Neutral Pullup w/ Slight Leg Assist @ bodyweight of 157lbs – 6:35pm – 6:40pm – rest 1minute < Intensity PR!> – Compare to 3.8.10

1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Volume/Set = 157lbs, Volume/Cluster = 785lbs, Density = 157lbs PR!

Adv. Tuck Planche w/ Hands in B-Stance (Left hand forward) – 6:51pm- 7:05pm – Rest 50s PR!- Compare to 3.9.10

4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 <Improve body positioning>

Volume/Set = 628lbs, Volume/Cluster = 8164lbs PR!, Density = 583. 14 PR!

1 (Left)-Arm KB Front Squat in B-Stance (Left Foot forward and both Feet everted) – 8:12pm – 8:21pm – 1 min rest

Working Sets 32kg PR!:

1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Lateral Jaw Glides @ 8:15pm (after 3rd set) 1×20

Cranial Drill 1×20  @ 8:19pm (after 5th set) 1×20

Volume/Set = 64kg, Volume/Cluster = 416kg, Density = 46.2


Talking to Frankie, I will focus on more SFS mobility rather than FFS mobility. The difference lies in that even micromovements can and should be tested, as even they can cause delays in progress. One of the main points is that micromovement practice efficiency should use opposite or unused movements of those found in macromovement practice (that test well) for optimal results in performance and/or pain relief. To determine optimal rep changes again I will use the 5 elements of efficiency even in micromovement practice.

Bodyweight timed movements I will have to determine time based on #4, rather than #5. As the log is updated I will further examine how to better conduct the biofeedback approach and try to be even more objective as possible commencing in to facilitate better progress. Understanding that better is better and better is in fact more, than I must try to even work on the smallest nuances of the biofeedback testing to determine what’s best.

Still more questions, but hey nothing wrong with that.

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Apparently Light Day: Training Log 3.6.2010

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It’s interesting how your body does exactly what you didn’t think it would do. Apparently this lay off changed what my body wants and because of the insights offered by the Gym Movement DVD and Adam T Glass’ Videos, the things I should have tested and was testing are totally off base and changed my current training schedule around quite a bit.

So far it seems my body likes working the left side much more – left side presses and left foot forward stances are interesting to say the least. My body seems to like short rests, although since I first read Pavel’s work I thought I needed much longer ones because of ATP restoration. Based on the approach offered so far, my body still likes low reps, but also desires short rests. It seems as if my body wants to work more on some structural/sarcoplasmic components, but who knows. Maybe there’s something else, but who cares.

Here’s what it looked like:

20kg L-Arm Press w/ Feet Everted 3, 4, 4, 4. Lifted = 300kg/660lbs

Narrow Pullups 4, 4. Bodyweight approximately 155lbs. Lifted = 1240lbs

Shoulder Width Tight Tuck Planche 5, 4. Bodyweight approximately 155lbs. Lifted = 1415lbs (specific to joint angle – body parallel to ground)

Leg exercises tested: Squats, Pistols, Single Leg Deadlifts, Swings. None tested well.

Rest was 30-40seconds between exercises. I need a specific timer to log better.

It sure was skimpier than I thought it would be, but knowing that my training doesn’t normally include this short of rest periods normally, it seems understandable. As I’m still trying to figure out my baseline, I’ll keep it at that for now.

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