Training Log: 3-21-2010

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Improving Biofeedback – Paying ATTENTION to small discrepancies.

1-Arm 32kg KB Presses in Everted B-Stance (Left Leg Forward) – 7:34pm – 7:52pm – 1min 30s rest

12×1. 1st set tried for 2, but messed up groove and lost bell. 12th set noticed a relatively minor change in tension. Effort in Kettlebell Press changed significantly. Whoever said, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” was wrong…

Volume/Cluster = 384kg (PR!), Density = 24

1-Arm “Neutral” Grip Pullup to Chinup @ 158lbs w/ slight kick off bringing me to about less than 90 degrees- 8:11pm – 8:15pm – 1 min 30s

1,1,1 (needed a bit more kick off)

Volume/Cluster = 474 (One-Arm w/o Assist PR!), Density = 118.5

Upper/Lower Body Differentiation (Upper following Lower) Peg Board Drill w/ Orange Band Straight from Left to Right – 8:25pm – 8:28pm – 1min 15s Rest


32kg KB Pistols (Left Leg) – 8:33pm – 8:38pm – 1 min 20s rest

2 (too much “effort” on 2nd set, so sticking with 1’s), 1,1,1 (Noticed tiny discrepancies in toe touch that I’ve noticed before, but didn’t think anything about til it was much bigger).

Volume/Cluster = 160kg, Density = 32

There were no cramps. Noticing these smaller discrepancies is changing the degree of movement quality I am experiencing. I notice that even tiny discrepancies lead to changes in movement afterwards. One such is that on Training Log 3.15.2010, there was tiny changes in effort during the set and even in toe touch tension, yet chose to forego it due to only such a minor change in ROM.

1 Arm 44kg KB Swings (Similar to GS Style) approx waist height in Everted B-Stance – 8:53pm – 9:00pm – 1min 30s rest


Volume/Set = 220kg, Volume/Cluster = 1100kg <PR! Compare to 3.19.2010>, Density = 157.14 <PR! Compare to 3.19.2010>

-Increasing Torso Rotation ROM helps facilitate more power generation.

Lesson Learned: Pay Attention and Sweat the Small Stuff.


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