Training Log: 3.15.2010

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KB (Left) Pistols Neutral Foot Position w/ Kettlebell in Goblet Squat Rack Position

Testing Sets 11: 53pm – 11:57pm (16kg-20kg-24kg-32kg) x 1

Volume/Cluster = 92kg, Density = 18.4

Working Sets 12:00am – 12:05am – 1minute rest – 32kg 1,1,1 (slightly off), 1, 1, 1

-Feeling lactic acid build-up in glute-ham tie in and cramp feelings during 5th and 6th rest periods. Haven’t felt this in awhile.

Volume/Cluster = 192kg, Density = 38.4

Total Volume = 284kg, Total Density = 28.4

Entire Exercise PR! from Intensity, Volume, Density. Nowhere near 32kg Pistol with left leg until today. Huge discrepancies in strength between left/right halves (don’t know why – “tried” to balance my training out, but guess not).

KB (Left) 1-arm Presses in B-Stance (Everted Feet) –

Testing Sets 11:53pm – 11:57 pm (24kg, 32kg) x 1

Volume/Cluster = 56kg, Density = 11.2

Working Sets  12:12am-12:17am -1 min rest

32kg 1,1,1,1 <much easier than yesterday> PR! <Compared to 3.14.2010>

Volume/Cluster = 128kg, Density = 25.6

Total Volume = 184kg, Total Density = 18.4

(Left Out) One-Legged Tuck Levers (Right Hand Lower using Rings turned slightly outward from palms down grip) @ 157lbs -12:26am – 12: 31am -1 min rest <PR!> <Compared to 3.9.2010>

5 (felt too easy), 5 (felt a bit harder), 5, 5 (noticing body slightly lower – pay attention to body position)

Volume/Set = 785lbs, Volume/Cluster =3140lbs PR!, Density = 628 PR! <Compared to 3.9.2010>

CW Rotations into Arch (using the wall) @ 157lbs: 12:44am-12:48am

5 (feet together), 5 (closer to wall, more emphasis on abdominal release)

Low Bridge Slide @157lbs: 12:49am -12:52am

4, 1 (wrists still not used to the movement)


Any and all bodyweight exercises I need to pay attention to body position and movement quality! The Low Bridge Slide puts my wrist at an unusual extension angle and because of decreased carpet grip makes the movement much harder to perform than normal. There is a difference between the height from 3.10.2010 compared to today (increased), therefore much better performance than last time.

Presses, Pistols, One-Legged Front Lever much improved with superior performance in the pistol (left leg always sucked with balance and strength).


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