Training Log 3.7.10/3.8.10/3.9.10

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“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once and a while, or the light won’t come in.”

Alan Alda, Actor, Writer and Director

Never assume anything you currently know is right. Use what you know, but feel free to experiment, branch out, and constantly strive to improve. I never try to settle on my laurels or think that I have ever found the best way to do anything. It’s true that what may work for me and what may work for you may be quite different or even quite the same; but until you’ve tried the impossible, everything to you might seem improbable.

That leads me to ask is it improbable because you tried and failed or tried poorly and failed or because you failed to try all together?

– Darryl Lardizabal


*Bodyweight exercises for time are interesting. Thinking of 1Rep Max more like 1Rep Longest time is much more helpful and makes me test different intensities based on time, rather than external loading. My body was willing to take more intense versions of the bodyweight exercises, which included a PR in the Adv. Tuck Planche and One Legged Tuck Lever (reverted back after sickness to more lesser versions), and noticing better holds all together. Overall I’m happy with the results, just interesting how something may test well, but the time may go down (bodyweight wise).

– Just because the body may like the movement, doesn’t mean it may be always wise to continue. Depends on how easy or how intense – something for me to take into consideration when planning/interpreting the Biofeedback results.

– Clubbell Mills fatigued early because of middle/ring finger soreness. Minor alterations, arm to front vs. arm to side produces different results. “Same, but different!” Wonder how minuscule a variation you can make and create a totally different result (I-Phase template – may use Fukuda step test results to determine “better” variations)

– Snatches tested well, but because of some forearm body conditioning, the Kettlebell just didn’t feel right.

10lb L-Arm Clubbell Mills B-Stance w/ Feet Everted – 11:13pm-11:17pm – Rest 1 min 10s

3×10, Volume/Cluster=300, Volume/Set = 100, Density = 75

Adv. Tuck Planche B-Stance w/ Hands Everted (One Hand Length more forward) @ 157lbs – 11:18pm-11:30pm – Rest Varied

3x5s (1st 45s rest, 2nd/3rd @ 2min 15s), 3x3s (30s rest/hands one hand width narrower – last set seemed too much)

Volume/Cluster=2355, Volume/set of 5s=785, Volume/set of 3s=471, Density = 196.25

1-Legged Tuck Lever  @ 157lbs – 11:31pm – 11:34pm – 2 min rest

2×5, Volume/Cluster=1570, Volume/set of 5=785, Density = 523.33

3.8.10 (sets x reps)

15lb Clubbell Swipes (L-Arm only in B-Stance Left Leg Forward w/ Feet Everted) – 11:08pm – 11:43pm – 1min 10sec rest

23×5, Volume/cluster = 1725, Volume/set = 75, Density = 49.28

L-Arm Asst. One Arm Pullup at about Mid Forearm @ 157lbs – 11:51pm – 12:03am – 1 min rest

10×1, Volume/cluster = 1570, Density = 130.83

L/R Side Single Leg DL – 12:06am to 12:15am – minimal rest not recorded

1 x 16kg, 1x20kg, 1x24kg, 1x32kg, 1x40kg, 1x44kg, 1x48kg (right side only), 1x40kg, Volume = (Left) 216/ (Right) 264, Density = (Left) 24kg/ (Right) 29kg [Density included both exercises for a total of 9mins, not taking into account only one leg at a time.]


32kg 1-Arm (Left) Cleans in B-stance (Left) w/ Feet Everted – 9:24pm – 9:30pm – 40s Rest

3, 4, 3, 3, 3, Volume/cluster= 512kg, Volume/set = 96kg, Density = 85.3

16kg Goblet Squat Hip Width Apart in B-Stance w/ Everted Feet done w/ 1 sec Pause – 9:32pm – 9:42pm – 1min 50sec Rest

4×11, Volume/cluster = 704kg, Volume/set = 176kg, Density = 70.4

Tuck Planche in B-Stance (Left) Hands Everted @ 157lbs – 9:54pm – 10:04pm – Rest 1min 10s

Time under tension (seconds): 5x6seconds, Volume/cluster = 2512, Volume/set = 471, Density = 251.2

20kg 1-Arm (Left) Swings – Started at 10:14 and ended 30s later.

1×20, Volume = 400kg, Density = 200


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