Apparently Light Day: Training Log 3.6.2010

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It’s interesting how your body does exactly what you didn’t think it would do. Apparently this lay off changed what my body wants and because of the insights offered by the Gym Movement DVD and Adam T Glass’ Videos, the things I should have tested and was testing are totally off base and changed my current training schedule around quite a bit.

So far it seems my body likes working the left side much more – left side presses and left foot forward stances are interesting to say the least. My body seems to like short rests, although since I first read Pavel’s work I thought I needed much longer ones because of ATP restoration. Based on the approach offered so far, my body still likes low reps, but also desires short rests. It seems as if my body wants to work more on some structural/sarcoplasmic components, but who knows. Maybe there’s something else, but who cares.

Here’s what it looked like:

20kg L-Arm Press w/ Feet Everted 3, 4, 4, 4. Lifted = 300kg/660lbs

Narrow Pullups 4, 4. Bodyweight approximately 155lbs. Lifted = 1240lbs

Shoulder Width Tight Tuck Planche 5, 4. Bodyweight approximately 155lbs. Lifted = 1415lbs (specific to joint angle – body parallel to ground)

Leg exercises tested: Squats, Pistols, Single Leg Deadlifts, Swings. None tested well.

Rest was 30-40seconds between exercises. I need a specific timer to log better.

It sure was skimpier than I thought it would be, but knowing that my training doesn’t normally include this short of rest periods normally, it seems understandable. As I’m still trying to figure out my baseline, I’ll keep it at that for now.


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