Training Log 3-1-2010

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All Day

1 eye/2eye license plate reading. Visual Acuity Drills at different distances.

7:00Pm Short Training Session

Full Body R-Phase

Monkey Bar Swinging

Parkour Training

S-Phase: Dynamic Athletic Ready Stance, Plyo Step, and 4 Point Stance

12:00Am Short Training Session

Vertical Pulling – Slightly Shoulder Width Pullups – *Better Variation = Finger Tip Chinups (repetitions) – 2

Horizontal Pushing – Anteriolateral 45 Tuck Planche on Paralletes (time) – 5s, 6s

Horizontal Pulling – Anteriomedial 45 Adv. Tuck Lever on Rings (time) – 6s, 5s

Squats/Deadlifts/Pistols/Single Leg DLs did not test well.

Chipotle Steak Burrito within an hour before workout also maybe causing poor testing.

4 Hours of sleep and intermittent napping also may be causing poor testing.

Wrapped it up early and finished up with some cranial and axillary nerve drills.


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