Actual Training Day: Training Log 3-2-2010

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Goal: Determine Starting Values for “Good” Exercises with a focus on quality movement.

– Controlled Breathing during Isometric Exercises

– Lowered Isometric time by 1-2s because trying to improve quality of movement

– Lowered Swing Rep Volume by 5 reps. Again trying to improve feel of movement.

Isometric Hold Anteriomedial Hand, 3/4 Left Leg, Single Leg,  Front Lever (improved rapidly from yesterday to today – feeling, amount of tension, ease of movement): baseline time (5s); 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

– Elbows are slightly unbent. Must re-establish straight arm. Focus as much as possible.

– Noticing left/shoulder neck pain after front lever 5th and 6th set – Opposite side bent hip circles helped.

Isometric Hold Anteriolateral Hand Tuck to Adv. Tuck Planche Transition (again balance improved rapidly from yesterday to today – better lean [created more core activation]): baseline time (5s); 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4

– 3rd set noticing increased tension, 4th and onward okay. Even helped relieve some pain from Front Levers.

[Superset between Lever and Planche; almost no rest, except to walk down hallway, write in log, and in between mobility]

-Continued with Planches, but stopped front levers after 6th set. 7th set of planches, felt pain return. Stopped “Superset.”

32kg Everted B-Stance Right-Handed Swings: baseline reps (8); 5, 5

24kg Everted B-Stance Left-Handed Swings: baseline reps (11); 9, 9

– Finished light today. Back is experiencing lactic acid buildup, so keeping session light.

– Getting back to everything. So far – improvements, but not necessarily because of overall change yet. We’ll see as the training continues.


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