Beast Tamer Challenge: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Good

I finally got a 70lb and 106lb Kettlebell yesterday and played with it quite a bit, finding out some useful pieces of information.

I’m a lot stronger than I thought I would be, easily snatching 5 reps w/ the 32kg, although a bit harder on the right side.

1-arm Swings w/ the Beast were awesome, as my grip seems to be the limiting factor, although one of the easier one’s to attain and am quite happy with what I’ve done so far.

The Bad

The Beast is just damned big, and it quite a hardy bell to try to get my body around. At only a measly 5’3, The beast is almost as big as my entire upper body…

The hardest thing about the Beast seems to be my lack of practice with it and will have a much harder time reaching the goal than I originally thought I would, although it still is quite attainable, although the date may have to be pushed further and not at the RKC like I thought it would be – I’ll have to post a video when I can finally do it.  The hardest part is simply the size relative to the structure of my own body, as my small size makes even the rack a chore.

Snatches also on my left side just seem technically more difficult. My form “feels” off.

The Ugly

I knew I should have bought the beast sooner, but wasn’t expecting as much difficulty as I seem to have currently w/ just the diameter and thickness of the ball all together. This will make the Press a much harder goal to attain compared to the pistol and the pullup, which don’t require my body to surround the bell. I’ll probably be having to use some rounded back techniques from the AKC and apply thoracic rhythm to actually get the bell out of the rack and into the pressing groove, though I should probably work on the timing, which will probably be a bit different all together.

This probably means I’ll have to push the date back, and is not something I am happy with, although my overall strength gains so far have been awesome to say the least.


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