Beast Tamer Challenge – Do It Day!

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“Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”

-David J. Schwartz

Just Do It, This you Might want to Wait On!

This quote resonates wildly with me and to many people I have met through my life. Many people seem to be stuck in a rut, asking questions, finding out the best way to do this, or that, but fail to try anything, and thus fail all together. Today is known as my DO IT DAY. No, you nasty minded person you, not that stuff.

Today I will try what things I haven’t normally tried before, form connections with things I may have never thought of, try presses from what may be just a bad position all together, play around and not worry if I’m doing something “incorrectly” – I just basically want to play. Today, I will explore, be like a child roaming a wild evergreen meadow filled with ignorance of what should be, but worthy of seeking what can be – to be free from rules and boundaries and to explore what often may be unexplored.

I will play with different variations of Swings, Presses, Pullups, TGUs, Pistols, Squats, Planches, and Front Levers exploring different eye positions, different body positions, different foot and lunge positions and just having fun all together. I will play with Kettlebells, my body (again, not that way, sheeesh), Sandbags, and Clubbells for low reps or high reps, whatever my body tells me through Biofeedback Training. Yes I will be confined, but  not by my whims, but only by my wants and overall this day will turn out to be a blast.

Interesting Idea I got from Omar Clinton, Z-Health Level 4 Trainer is exploring a Life Skill and exploring a specific movement. I will start off with one he wrote about.

Life Skill for Today: Noticing People’s Eye Color

Movement Exploration: T-Spine and Lumber Spine.

Bodytribe, Sacramento, California – Check out some of the Bodytribe Kettlebell stuff that I’ve played with today.

Diesel Crew: Innovative Training for Elite Athletes – Check out some of the Diesel Crew stuff. So far I just uploaded their pull-up video. Good stuff.

Combine some of the above exercise variations with the Biofeedback Training and you’ll be awesome!

Happy Training!

Darryl Lardizabal


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2 Responses to “Beast Tamer Challenge – Do It Day!”

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Please post videos of the atypical movements with the bells– I would love to see an atypical swing or snatch! Not that kinda snatch, you dirty-minded… you!
BTW, we Indians Just Do It, as in the pic. Yucks, but there is even some new-found Global Warming BS to back it up. Something about fertilisation, more plant cover, etc….

Posted some of the atypical movements. Not myself, but some of the ideas for some of the movements I use. I don’t have a cam that can capture some of the faster stuff just an I-Phone. The Snatch, the Clean and stuff are shown with the Bodytribe stuff. Some of the different Pull-Up stuff I took and used as ideas for other things as well.

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