Beast Tamer Challenge – The Reawakening

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Been awhile since I wrote on the blog about my happenings – only a few days, but thinking this would be a daily thing proved rather frivolous.

I’ve decided to change the format of the training days focusing on the either the Visual or Vestibular systems and of course the Biofeedback training featured on Adam T. Glass’ blog. There’s so much to cover with each system that I would rather spend a day of the week focused on each one during the training to create a much better threat reduction on my body.

The difference in the Biofeedback training that I am doing is simply a matter of constantly pursuing a Planche, Front Lever, Pistols, Presses, and Pullups on any training days, but simply creating a variation out of the many using the Z-Phase I-Phase template approach and R-Phase Threat Reduction through different positions to create something my body is willing to use for the day.

So far it’s proven successful as my body is unlocking untapped strength much faster than normal especially in the Planche and Front Lever.
Presses are easier day after day with different variations I was unfamiliar with until recently.

Pullups have always been easy and not something I’m too worried about, although it’ll still be a challenge pulling up quite a considerable amount of weight, but again is more of my strength rather than a weakness

Pistols have been hit and miss for a number of years in terms of training. My legs have always been my strongest point out of all the different movements – Pushing, Pulling, something for the Legs and isn’t something I “need” to train as much. More training has been done on my left side as I notice some weird funky things my knee does when doing a pistol. Most of that has been fixed, but more changes sure to follow.


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