Road to the Beast Challenge Day 3

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Where’s Day 2?

Day 2 was nothing home to write about, just rested up and made sure everything was okay for Day 3.


The Flushing of Adrenaline through my system as I listen to Five Finger Death Punch cranking throughout my room. The Drums roar loudly, sounding like the chanting of the All Blacks Rugby Team, as they do their Historical Haka to intimidate their opponents out of action. That is what is going through my head, ready, exhilarated, and will reign triumphant when the day comes.

For now the training commences, tricking my body to unleashing the potential I already have. Novelty is King, but He who does too much, does too little. My focus as always is on the press, the pullup, the pistol, with side benefits of the planche and front lever.

To this end, my goal is to find the proper variants that will keep me glued and ready to practice the skills necessary to not only make these goals easy, but almost tension less. Thus, in the log you’ll see that there is much more practice with partials than full repetitions. I believe that by breaking down the movement into it’s subcategories (bottom, middle, top) I can pump more work in, but get better quality out with less wasted energy.  Again I’m sporting a small 5’2 Frame, so got to make sure it’s all working right and using the right amount of energy.

The Training

Palms Press w/ 24kg

-Bottom 3 reps (Eyes and Head following bell, Standing)

-w/20kg Middle 3 reps (Eyes and Head following bell, Sitting)

-Full 1 rep (Eyes and Head following bell, Standing)

Chinups w/ 80lbs

-Bottom 5 reps

-Bottom Hold (Head Tilts)

-Middle 5 reps

-Middle Hold (Head Rotations)

-Full 1 rep


-Supported Closed Chain One Legged Circles, Holding Opposing Leg in Front w/ different Foot Positions (Inversion, Eversion, Neutral)

360 Pulls

-Back Lever Hold (Breathing)


-3 Position 1/2 Straddle

KB Clean & Jerks w/ 24kg

-Regular repetitions


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