Road to the Beast Challenge Day 1

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The dawn awoke after a jaw-breaking experience from the movie Avatar in 3-D, where it led me to want to pursue a life in the wildnerness balancing on trees, falling on a flurry of large leaves, honing my hunter-gatherer senses, and to be one with life itself. I give the movie 5 stars and is a must see for anyone who loves Sci-Fi movies. For some people it may be long and dragging – but, because of my love for fantasy worlds and life, I found it all the more better. Unfortunately I digress…

The Introduction

Today was hectic, I slept at 3am (after the movie) to wake up two hours later to a performance unlike any other – teaching Boot Camp class, with several ladies who make life worth living. Boy is it fun, to not only start out the day bright and early, but with people who come in excited, riveted, and exuberant to exercise and be healthy. After class I got an unlikely compliment from an unlikely woman, and said that it was awesome to train with someone who made fitness fun again.

From there, I decided to relax again, and literally climb into bed to get some needed shut eye before my next training class at 12am. Drove 30mins in the middle of bustling traffic, which typically doesn’t happen, except that I live near a mall where men and women would rather buy clothes, jewelry, and other non-essentials, than care for the safety of other drivers. By no means do I live in a place like the Iron Jungle, but it was bad enough to make me think I would be late…and boy that’s an achievement unto itself.

It's pretty on the inside, but the traffic is not so lovely.

Getting to the class, I was nervous and excited because I’m not used to teaching workshop based classes. It was a Running Mechanics and Speed class for ladies training for a Marathon, and boy did I see changes happen every single time they took a Post-Test run. More of this will be covered in my Mobility Chronicles – In Pursuit of Speed Section, sure to come.

Of course, I needed more sleep so I cooked some food, by no means healthy (rice, sausage, and eggs), but enough to please my lion of an appetite and from there went back into my cave to hibernate further. I woke up at 7am and felt finally ready to attack the horde so to speak and get right to the training.

The Why

Although many will wonder why I started out my day telling about my stresses, I feel this should be part of the log, as any stress adds load to the body – neurally speaking – which is a measure that can easily affect performance. All this must be taken into consideration about how I plan my days, because even though I have a general format about what I will do – it must be changed if needed using Adam Glass’s termed “Bio-Feedback training”

The Training

I looked down at my bells the 24kg, 20kg, 16kg, 12kg Brothers who bawk in disgust ready to humiliate me from the very onset of the training session. I stare back unscathed, ready to tackle these odd balls of iron like an Eagle with it’s ferocious and awe-inspiring eyes set on it’s prey, ready to attack from the air where it’s prey would least expect. Similar to the Eagle I attack when the time is right. I mobilize my body from head to toe, preparing, gliding along the sky making sure that at the right moment I strike swiftly and calmly. After the mobility session I attack the bells, bars, and body differently, and what many would think weird at odd angles that no person may seem to touch.

The Intensity is just...Inspiring.

This “attack” has five main focuses:

1.) Cranial Mobilization

2.) Visual System

3.) Vestibular System

4.) Respiratory System/Visceral Manipulation

5.) Feet Mobilization

And the idea that if Strength is a skill, the skill can be broken down into all it’s nuisances and variations to develop my weaknesses and make them my strengths.

Because of the horde of Kettlebells I must use other variations to reach the 48kg I need to finally test the mettle and tame the beast. Assuming that if I prepare my body appropriately, I’ll be ready. My goal is to change the perception of the movement, making light weights seem heavy, not by increasing tension, but by using poor leverage to add load to light weights and also by teaching my body to inhibit the inhibiting reflexes (say that 5x fast), so I can reach the most optimal strength where I can apply all the techniques necessary to make me even stronger the day of battle.

Battle Hardened, Battle Ready.

Today is my heavy day (more volume, more intensity). Basis for stopping is failed test in the Toe Touch.

What tested well was Standing Pizza Box Presses w/ the 12kg, Partial Eccentric One Arm Pull-Ups, Slightly Externally Rotated Adv. Planche Holds, and Wide-Arm One Legged Front Levers. Bodyweight Pistols/Loaded Pistols tested well as well. Variations will be listed on bottom.

Pizza Box Presses w/ the 12kg for Singles:

-Standing Pressing with Head Rotated to the Opposite Side of whatever arm was Pressing. (Vestibular based)

ie: Left arm pressing, Head Rotated to the Right.

-Standing Pressing with Head Rotated to the Opposite Side of whatever arm was Pressing with Eyes up (Visual/Vestibular based)

ie: Left arm pressing, Eyes Up while Head was Rotated to the Right

24kg Presses for Singles:

-Standing Press with 1 Head Rotation @ each Four Position Stops (Top, Middle, Before Rack, Rack)

-Kneeling Press with Head Rotated to Opposite Direction of Arm

-Standing Press + Lockout (Breathing/Visceral Manipulation)

24kg+16kg Rack Holds

-Cranial Mobilization (Sagittal)

-Kneeling 24kg+16kg Rack Hold w/ 2 Head Rotations

Bottom Position One-Arm Pullup Hold for Singles

-Hold with One-Arm, with 2 Head Rotations to Opposite Direction of Arm (Vestibular System)

Wide-Arm Front Levers for time of 5s or less

-One Legged Front Levers Head Tilts to Left/Right done 2-4x (Vestibular System)

-Adv. Tuck Lever (Sphenoid Cranial Mobilization)

Slightly Externally Rotated Adv. Planche Holds

-High Adv. Planche Hold

-Mid Adv. Planche Hold

-Low Adv. Planche Hold


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