Road to the Beast Challenge.

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December 16, 2009

The Road to the Beast Challenge is a grave one. Arduous and fraught with vines the size of stone pillars – the task is to take me a mere mortal to the heights of the few, who have climbed to the top to reach one of the highest pursuits. To tame the untameable.

I am starting at a bodyweight of 151-154lbs, a body fat percentage of 12-15%, and starting numbers that would have me tremble at the mere mention of them because the bridge is long and narrow and climb steep and dangerous.

I begin with a 36kg KB Press, 36kg Weighted KB Pistol, and an Untested Weighted Pullup approximately at bw+80lbs. I stand at a measly five foot, two inches, which many would call an advantage, but I call an undertaking. A beast press, pistol, and pullup, which is 48kg, or to the uninitiated 106lbs, and at my size,  is still a large task and one that I choose to undergo.

Throughout the following weeks I will share my training philosophies and why I chose to do it in such a manner. Enjoy the trials and tribulations and follow along me the path to Taming the Beast!

I’ll leave you with this awesome video of Marcus Martinez from MBODYSTRENGTH playing with the beast like it’s a chew toy.

His blog is here

Darryl Lardizabal


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5 Responses to “Road to the Beast Challenge.”

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I’ll officially kick things off for you by saying that I think you’re way closer to your goals than you realize. I know that the jump in weight in the higher bells is much more dramatic, but you have very strong numbers so far! Well, you’re much closer than me for what it’s worth. I’m about 5’11” and 210 pounds and although I can press the Bulldog a couple of (shaky) times I can’t even do a bodyweight pistol and have no idea how much extra weight I can do on a pullup. The last time I tried I struggled to get one in with my 20kilo bell. After battling with my fragile ego for a long time I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I seriously have to fix my mobility issues before piling more reps on a crappy foundation. Oh well. Go for it and surprise yourself. I’m positive that you will do it! 😉

Thanks Dan for the kind words. No harm in doing right? There is no such thing as try. There is either do or do not. Man sometimes it’s hard to think that I may not get it, but again shoot for the moon, and even if you don’t make it, at least you’ll land among the stars.

Can you do a pistol with weight as a counter balance?

And don’t worry about the mobility. Hitting the right spot makes everything work and work well.

I can’t do a pistol with anything! I came close about a year back and hurt my lower back pretty bad due to poor hamstring flexibility. I tried to force my non-working leg straight out so it wouldn’t touch the floor by grabbing the toes and there went my lower back right at the belt line! I still have some stiffness and aches there so I’ve been avoiding it until I can get up the flexibility and mobility. It was a regular Darwin moment in my training life;-) Sometimes we want it so bad we throw logic out the window. I agree with you about dreaming big or not dreaming at all! Mediocre goals don’t get the blood moving, but seemingly impossible goals create anxiety, excitement, and a little fear too. It’s these feelings that are powerful to drive me into action. It you set a goal that is ‘realistic’ the best thing that can happen is that you’ll achieve it. It’s also possibly the worst thing because you’ve just imposed a ceiling on what you (mistakenly) perceive to be your limits. I will accomplish the Beast Challenge one day so there is not doubt that you will! You’re much closer than I am. I’m sure I’ll do it so there is no reason to have any doubt in yourself! Sorry about the looong response, but happy training to you!

Awesome, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Yeah it sounds like your hamstrings. After a lot of learning I can’t say so for sure without seeing you, for most it just ends up being the foot…weird.

Anyway, don’t avoid it. It has a lot of funky stuff to do with Neuroscientific blah blah blah, you don’t really need to worry about, it’s just setting up a reflex response in your body saying, “Be Scared, Be very very Scared” whenever you do any resemblance of a pistol.

Do even partial ROM stuff and slowly build it back up holding a wall. Take your time and work more mobility rather than flexibility. Think of mobility as active flexibility. Work immobile parts first, and you’ll do great. Before and after training, and you won’t be complaining. 🙂

You’re right about the mobility. It probably had do with more than just my hamstrings. Probably poor hip function and dorsiflexion added to the mix as well. My back feels a lot better especially since I’ve gotten up from the computer and replaced my chair with an exercise ball. Sounds weird maybe, but the back pain has all but disappeared. I’m going to restart my pistol progressions (baby steps) in a few weeks. If there is anything good that ever came from an injury is that it definitely forces one to have a better understanding of one’s body by being a better listener. I think we all assume we’re invincible until an injury forces us to reexamine and train smarter.

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