The Brain…and You Think You Can’t Go Further

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It’s funny how the times that we believe are muscles are exhausted, the times that we believe we are just drop dead exhausted, and the times that we believe we’ve had enough are simply an illusion, set by our brain to “protect us”.

Are brains our hardwired for survival, a concept we referred back to in my first post here. And it is this survival need that actually limits our inherent abilities by a supposed 50% of our true capabilities. Pavel Tsatsouline is often known for the saying, “Our body can already lift a car, it just doesn’t know it yet,” and this is very true today.

Our body has all the capability in the world and the truth of the matter is you are already “strong, flexible, or whatever else you need to be.” The difference is that you have to hack away at the impurities, to actually find your true self. Think of an orange. It already tastes good, but you have to slice the peel and rinds before you get to the wonderful citrusy wonder fruit that many people love.

This is you, when you shed away the peel and the rind 🙂

*on a side note, patients under Anesthesia display uncanny levels of flexibility. This is a little note I read from Pavel’s Relax Into Stretch > A must read.

This article cites a study, that points to the idea of how marathoners can increase their performance by simply swishing a carbohydrate based drink, rather than actually drinking it. What happens is that the brain actually lets go off the brakes and thus increases our performance. All the physiological, scientific effects of “extra” carbohydrate loading occurs, even though the participants, didn’t drink it at all and spit the drink out before swallowing.

I bet he's faking it.

At the end, the article cites something very important that we all need to consider, “Training is no longer simply an act of getting the muscles used to lactate or teaching the lungs how to breathe harder.” It’s also about getting your brain to accept new limits by pushing yourself, safely. “Once your brain recognizes that you’re not going to damage yourself,” Foster says, “it’ll be happy to let you go.” – Ross Tucker

He shattered his limits, and he didn’t even know it.

I will delve deeper into this concept, known as Threat Modulation and how to apply it to your training in an upcoming article.

Train good, Train safe, Train easy!

-Darryl Lardizabal


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Yeah, most of the time, it’s just all in the head. It’s just a way of looking at things. In exercise, for example, if you think you can do one more rep then you probably can. Good read!

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